About The Course

Established in 1979, the Fort Miley Adventure Challenge Course (FMACC) is located on the northwestern edge of San Francisco. The FMACC offers a fun, safety conscious and positive environment for individuals and groups to work together to develop confidence, trust, cooperation and leadership skills through actions. Our course is built out of trees, with cables, ladders and ropes located in a 4 acre urban forest in a nations park. PLI is a proud partner of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA), a unit of the National Park Service to make these adventures at Fort Miley possible.

What We Offer

  • FMACC is available 7 days a week
  • 3.5 hour PART DAY programs are available for groups of 10-75 participants
  • 6.5 hour FULL DAY programs are available for groups of 10-100 participants
  • 3.5 hour Low Element Only programs are available for teams of 10-100 participants
  • Community Open Days available every month for individuals and smaller groups
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What Exactly Is The Ropes Course?

Our ropes course is a progression of low team-based elements and high challenge elements built in the trees of San Francisco using cables, ladders and ropes. This sequence of “elements” uses physical, emotional and mental challenges that employ both human and rope safety systems to encourage team development, support, trust, leadership and personal goal-setting. With 20 low and 8 high elements at FMACC, PLI will work with you to tailor the program to match your group and their goals.

Who We Serve

Fort Miley Adventure Challenge Course offers part day and full day adventures to groups from 10 – 100 people per program and serve a diverse range of groups from schools, universities, community organizations and business.

Community Open Days At Fort Miley

*Community Open Days Flyer

Our Community Open Days are on the first Sunday of every month from 1p – 4p.  These programs accommodate up to 35 people from the general public and run them through a taste of the adventure.

  • Community Open Days available on the FIRST SUNDAY of every month for individuals and smaller groups
  • We register on a first-come first-served based for these events
  • Must be 10 years or older to participate
  • We limit small groups to under 8 participants to register together
  • We charge $35 youth & students and $50 for adults for Open Days
  • A minimum of 10 participants must register in advance or PLI may cancel
  • Registration ends at 5pm on the Friday before the Open Day
  • All participants will need to complete a release form in order to participate

*Release Form
*Community Open Days Flyer
To Register for an Open Day or to receive more information, contact Rosy: [email protected]