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Fort Miley Adventure Challenge Course

FMACC can satisfy your team building needs. We have programs that deliver fun, adventurous and memorable experiences. Our programs use outdoor challenges designed to bond teams, increase trust, reinforce communication and develop an atmosphere where teams rise to the challenges.
FMACC programs use a progression of warm-ups, low elements, and high climbing elements to take teams to new heights.  We can adapt our programs and the challenge level from a fun out-of-the-office team experience to a customized set of low and high challenges that focus on improving your team’s performance and function.

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About F.M.A.C.C Adult Program

  • FMACC is an outdoor ropes course built in tree out of ladders, ropes, ladders and cables
  • FMACC uses physical, emotional and cognitive challenges that we can adapt to all abilities and disabilities
  • FMACC serves groups of 10-100 per session in programs – Price are based on types of groups, range of participants and length of program
  • Participants at FMACC must be over 10 years of age in order to participate
  • FMACC requires a 2 week notice and $200 deposit for all group reservations
  • No food or water is included in our programs but can be offered for an additional fee

What We Offer

  • Part Day Programs [3.5 hours for groups from 10-75 people]
  • Full Day Programs [6.5 hour for groups from 10-100 people]
  • LOW ELEMENT ONLY Programs [3 hour programs for groups from 10-100]

Our Business Clients:

Adobe, Banana Republic, Blue Shield, Dept of Labor, Genentech, Google, LinkedIn, PG&E, Sales Force, Samsung, and Twitter.

Team Building

PLI offers an array of Team Building Programs that focus on the tangible skills that make all teams successful. – communication, trust and positive team morale. We utilize engaging games and creative team initiatives from our 35 years of experience to foster these essential elements for all kinds of teams. These action-oriented sessions challenge teams to build camaraderie, solve problems and support each other. You can come to our outdoor location in San Francisco called Fort Miley or we can bring these programs to a location near you. We charge a flat rate based on the type/length of program, number of participants and travel expenses [between $35-$50 per person]

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Team Building Program Options

PLI Energizers : These 45-90 min high energy sessions are ideal for groups from 10 – 250 people. These programs use PLI’s best games in a fast paced interactive format to get people interacting, energized and having fun together. Perfect to start a team off, jump start a meeting or conference or to increase team morale these events get people mixing, and having fun while themes of the power of teams emerge.

PLI Team Builder : These 3 hour session are suited for teams from 10 – 60 people at one time and use games inspiring the skills all teams need to be successful, like communication, trust, cooperation and leadership. These programs use a series of large group activities and smaller team initiatives as a metaphor for teams and reflections that enhance any team’s ability to work together, solve problems and get things done. You can come to our home base at Fort Miley for these events or we can come to a location close to you.

PLI Emerging Leadership : The idea is to learn about different leadership styles and tools through PLI’s team building games. These 4 hour sessions for up to 60 participants will review the skills of leaders and then play activities that makes these skills come to life. By practicing these leadership skills here in fun games, teams see what it takes to achieve and are better able to use these leadership skills in their real world.