What makes PLI stand apart from other leadership organizations is our team. At the core of PLI, there is a vibrant leadership team inspiring people to strengthen their connections and reach their potential. PLI employs a tiered system of seasoned leaders with ties to our community and a first-hand understanding of the power of these programs. Our goal is to have leaders who reflect our mission at all levels of the agency.

PLI Management Team

Drew McAdams
Drew McAdamsChief of Programs
Drew McAdams – Drew is PLI’s Chief of Programs, a FMACC Team Leader and a teacher at SFSU. Drew leads with playful enthusiasm and empowers leadership through cooperative adventures. His past experience includes river rafting guiding, teaching 2nd Grade, working with a national service organization and a volunteer coordinator. [email protected]
Ian Mosier
Ian MosierChallenge Course Coordinator
Ian Mosier – PLI’s Challenge Course Coordinator and FMACC Team Leader who started at Fort Miley when he was 16 years old. A resident of SF his whole life, Ian has grow up in our program and currently is a psychology student at SFSU and martial arts instructor as well as overseeing PLI’s two ropes course programs. Ian is a PLI Challenge Course Trainer and Challenge Course Rescue Trainer. [email protected]
Rosy Woodruff
Rosy WoodruffOffice Coordinator
Rosy Woodruff – is PLI’s Office Coordinator and FMACC Team Leader who discovered PLI as a college student at SFSU. Rosy has worked at PLI since 2010 and other experiences include sea kayak guide, camp counselor and child care – Rosy is a PLI Challenge Course Trainer and also manages PLI’s Youth Lead! Program. [email protected]
Cassie Bowers
Cassie BowersOffice Support
Cassie Bowers – PLI Office support who started in 2015 as an intern with PLI. After receiving her degree from SFSU in American Studies she proved herself as a valuable member of the office team and emerging leader at the FMACC Challenge Course. [email protected]

PLI / FMACC Team Leaders

Jerry Lam
Jerry LamPLI / FMACC Team Leader
Jerry Lam – entered Fort Miley through an internship developing underserved young people of color as leaders in outdoor programs. Since then Jerry has grown quickly as a leader at the course, got into SFSU and thriving as a student, became a river raft guide and environmental educator. Jerry is a FMACC Team Leader and PLI Challenge Course Trainer. [email protected]
Aaron Yu
Aaron YuPLI / FMACC Team Leader
Aaron Yu – a FMACC Team Leader, Aaron was born in china and moved to SF and has been involved with PLI since 2007 when he followed his brother into our program. He joined our summer employment program and has steadily grown and found his voice as a leader. Aaron is a FMACC Team Leaders, PLI Challenge Course Trainer and Challenge Course Rescue II. [email protected]
Barbra Maravilla
Barbra MaravillaPLI / FMACC Team Leader
Barbra Maravilla – PLI Team Leader and emerged as a leader through the Get Out And Learn Program where she was first introduced to outdoor activities like the ropes course, sailing and backpacking. On course Barbra has refined her supportive and assertive leadership style. Barbra is a FMACC Team Leader and PLI Challenge Course Trainer. [email protected]

PLI Challenge Course Facilitators

Roger Lopez
Roger LopezPLI Challenge Course Facilitator
Roger Lopez – Roger grew up in the Mission neighborhood in SF and started at PLI in 2011 with the GOAL classroom at Downtown High School. This classroom experiences exposed him to outdoor pursuits like backpacking and ropes course facilitation and he applied for PLI’s YL! the next summer. Roger found his passion for the outdoors and also graduated from Outdoor Educators Institute and received his Wilderness First Responder certificate.
Miah Taylor
Miah TaylorPLI Challenge Course Facilitator
Miah Taylor – Miah was first exposed to PLI through the ropes course program at Camp Arroyo, at first as a camp participant and then as a camp counselor. When Miah enrolled at SFSU in the RPT program she knew a position at PLI as a challenge course facilitator would be her next step. Now on her second year with PLI Miah is empowered to pursue a career in outdoor leadership after she graduates in 2017.
Sam Losner
Sam LosnerPLI Challenge Course Facilitator
Sam Losner – Sam grew up in the Noe Valley neighborhood in SF and 2016 started his second year with PLI’s summer program. Sam is a junior at the Drew School in SF and his older brother worked with PLI is 2011 and 2012. Sam led 31 programs last summer working 196 hours and wants to do more this summer.